About Us

Sarah Carpenter – Maternity Nurse & Newborn Consultant, Edinburgh

I may be a maternity nurse but – for me – The Mummy Years is not about regurgitating the textbook advice that exists already. Yes, it’s about parting with some of the knowledge which gave me a head start when it came to raising my own, but it’s also about sharing the wobbles I’ve had despite my fifteen years of childcare experience. Nothing could prepare me for having a baby, so this is just going to be an honest account of my journey. The highs and lows of being a working mum to Harry Ted Carpenter (HTC). The pressure I put myself under to be an advocate of my own advice and how, sometimes, having a glass of wine is only answer.

Sarah trained at the prestigious Norland College (that has been training professional nannies for over 110 years). To find out more visit http://www.norland.co.uk/


“I thought that getting in a maternity nurse meant I was failing in some way as a mother, but I am so pleased I was persuaded otherwise. Sarah made all the difference and people can’t stop commenting on what a lovely smiley baby I have.” – Philippa Hawkins

“I found Sarah’s knowledge of newborn babies incredible, her manner was skilled and patient.” – Penny Hurley

Jessica Kiddle – Freelance Writer & Editor, Edinburgh

As a former beauty journalist, few things used to rock my world more than a tub of expensive moisturiser landing on  my desk. Then motherhood arrived and I realised I no longer had the time or inclination to pamper and prune! Time for a new focus then – my baby boy Archie Conover MacKenzie (ACM). Thus began the never-ending dialogue about everything from daytime naps and dream feeds to dirty nappies and dummies with Sarah. The Mummy Years is simply a continuation of the many conversations we have had, plus some product reviews which have been tested on our little ones. It’s about learning the art of baby whispering, swapping Grazia for Gurgle and learning to type one-handed.

Read some of my recent work:

Babies on a Budget


Homes & Interiors Scotland


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