Perseverance Pays

19 Sep

themummyyears is a big fan of the ergobaby carrier original. ACM has been cruising around comfortably in his since birth, and despite his size (he’s a whopping 24lbs!), mum and dad still enjoy the occasional snugly outing using it.

HTC, on the other hand, protested profusely as a newborn every time we pulled it out. We had one successful outing using the infant insert when he was tiny, but ultimately we gave up and decided it wasn’t his thing. Occasionally we would pull it back out, but after an unsuccessful few minutes trying to get him in it, it would go away and the buggy would be taken out. I found this very frustrating… having used the ergo in many jobs over the years I think it’s the most comfortable carrier around as it puts very little pressure on the user, and is super comfy for babies of all shapes and sizes.

However, we FINALLY had a breakthrough today and HTC has spent a very comfortable hour and a half in his ergo (even having a nap). I’m over the moon as I get to have snuggles with my baby whilst on the move!













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