In A Fix

19 Sep

Why did I buy a Maxi-Cosi FamilyFix ISOFIXBase again? I love the one-click installation that the ISOFIX gives you as it’s made nipping in and out of the car so easy. However, you get this advantage with some of the other cheaper models out there… The reason I paid more for the FamilyFix is the fact you’re told it’s the only base you’ll need from birth to 4 years.

However, it turns out that’s only the case if you buy one particular car seat.

As ACM is fast out-growing his first car seat I’ve been researching the next stage up. It seems most of them have their own fitting mechanisms. The only car seat that does seem to be compatible with the FamilyFix ISOFIXBase  is the Maxi-Cosi ‘Pearl‘. It looks great, but it cannot be fitted with seatbelts or any other mechanism. So, if you want to transfer the seat into another vehicle, you have to transfer the FamilyFix ISOFix as well which is  a bit of a fandangle.

Another thing: as you don’t take these ‘big boy’ car seats in and out of the car as much as you do with the newborn ones, the case for the FamilyFix ISOFix does not appear to be a very compelling one to me…

So, before you buy, please learn from my mistake and have a think…is it worth it?

As for me, I’ll let you know which car seat I plump for as soon as I make up my mind! Ooohhh should I go for black or black?



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