Can’t Remember Your Last Night Out?

14 Sep




well, it’s time themummyyears helped refresh your memory!…

For some parents the arrival of a new baby marks the end of a social life, but with a bit of planning and confidence, you can still enjoy a good night out…the only difference being your hot new accessory isn’t the latest Mulberry but the latest UPPAbaby model!

From week three we had one evening a week were we would carry out HTC’s normal bedtime routine…only instead of putting him in his cot we popped him in his pram, waited for him to go to sleep, then headed off to whichever restaurant we were testing for pram friendliness that night.

You have to be relaxed – and not be too sleep deprived to attempt this – but it is do-able. The first night we only went to the Italian at the top of the road ( On the way there we decided to only order mains, and agreed that if HTC suddenly woke up and broke into a screaming frenzy, one of us would pay the bill and one would grab the pram and head for home. Luckily this escape route was not needed and we had a lovely 90-minute outing before I was exhausted and headed for home!

Not every night was such a success…on the second outing to another Edinburgh eaterie, Dantes (, we arrived with a very wide awake baby and met relatives only too happy to see their nephew awake. I could see that he was getting over-tired (and got a bit stressed) and I had to give him an impromptu feed (which I felt very self-conscious about), but looking back, it was all absolutely fine – the other diners and the staff were very understanding and on leaving the staff commented on what a well -behaved baby he had been!

I am pleased to say we’ve managed to keep it up and now HTC happily has a regular night out without any disruption to his normal routine. I should say on return from a night out we lift him from his pram and return him to his cot where he usually stretches out, gives us a smile, and drops straight back to sleep…

So all I would say is, go on, give it a try… and keep reading for our pick of baby-friendly restaurants coming soon…



2 Responses to “Can’t Remember Your Last Night Out?”

  1. Lesley September 14, 2012 at 6:58 am #

    We love Nonna’s in morningside & have been going there for lunch since the boys were 6 weeks old. Now we do their children’s tea time at 5pm & eat from the menu. They have wooden high chairs but have the Ikea cushion inserts. High chairs are best to be pre-ordered when you book your table. Very baby friendly indeed!

  2. ParenthleteMom September 14, 2012 at 7:52 am #

    Yes. Totally important to get out as much as you can. Also good to have a babysitter so that you can have date nights with your partner and enjoy some alone time at your fave restaurant or movie or whatever. My hubby and I, living in manhattan, we made it a point to take out our little baby to lunches and dinners so that she would learn to be in other settings other than her cot. NYC, although not as kid friendly as London restaurants does have some pretty good places to bring baby along.

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