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13 Sep

Q. Good morning! I have a little question for you…my baby is cruising now, when should I put him in shoes? Should they be soft shoes or fitted? 

Marie, Fairmilehead – Edinburgh

A.  Hi Marie – thanks for writing in to us.

As your baby is unlikely to be cruising around outside at this stage you don’t need to put them in shoes. As they curl their toes when they’re learning to walk, it’s best keep their wee feet uncovered as much as possible to help them develop and get a better grip on the floor. However, this is not always practical, so the experts at Bruntsfield show shop Maddie and Mark’s ( suggest popping them into something soft: ‘Pram shoes are perfect for that pram/early cruising stage where you need some sort of layer of protection on your child’s foot,’ they say. They recommend ones with super soft soles to allow for development – you can get ones with a rubber layer on the sole so they don’t slip on wooden floors.

However, when they have taken their first few independent steps, take them along to a children’s shoe shop to have them fitted correctly for their first shoe as it’s at this stage they’ll need something with a bit of support.

Maddie and Mark’s



One Response to “Question & Answer”

  1. Marie James September 13, 2012 at 8:55 am #

    Thanks so much for that, I’ll be heading down to Maddie and Mark’s for a pair of pram shoes…huge help ladies – keep it up!

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