The Chicken Fajita

29 Aug


Here is some of the best advice I have given parents over the years – and the best advice I have been given as a parent – SWADDLE YOUR BABY!

I visit a lot of mummies who tell me their little one really does not like to be swaddled, BUT when we swaddle the baby they have a great sleep. It’s not the answer to everything but babies DO like to be swaddled.

When we were re-admitted to hospital on day six, I remember saying ‘I know everyone says it and it’s not true, but HTC REALLY does not like to be swaddled’, but then a midwife took him, and swaddled him (rolling her eyes at my protests) and he then slept for six hours!

The thing with swaddling is doing it properly, and that’s what I find myself teaching parents all the time, so here comes the step-by-step guide to wrapping your baby like a chicken fajita!!

1. Get yourself a suitable wrap for swaddling

My personal favourites are:

The Miracle Blanket ( If using the miracle blanket follow the instructions provided in the packet….


The aden + anais® Bamboo Swaddles ( which both Jessica and I used. So, for the aden + anais® swaddle read on…

2. Lie your swaddle on a flat surface and fold it corner to corner so you have a triangle, with the fold at the top lying horizontally…

3. Lie your baby on it slightly off centre so their shoulders are in line with this long folded edge…

4. Take the shorter side and pull it over baby’s nearest arm (keeping their arm comfortably at their side and tuck under the other arm. Wrap this side right underneath baby very snugly…

5. Take the point at the bottom and fold it up over baby’s feet loosely to allow for some movement…

6. Take the remaining corner and fold it right over baby, wrapping it all the way round them and under very securely.

You should now be able to carry baby in the fajita wrap without it coming loose, this can mean at night you lift baby feed and put them back to bed with minimal disruption, unless they have a dirty nappy!



One Response to “The Chicken Fajita”

  1. Lisa Littel August 29, 2012 at 1:41 pm #

    Great advice! I, too, thought that Malina hated being swaddled… until I started doing it properly. Wish it would not have taken me 3 months to figure out!

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