20 Aug

themummyyears has a new addiction: fennel seed and honey peanuts from healthy snack delivery company Graze ( If we’d known about it before we’d had the boys, we’d have signed up for their delivery service from week one as we were ravenous at every feed and had more than one fridge raid in the middle of the night. We  just love their convenient wee packs of guilt-free snacks from flapjacks to seed mixes.

The importance of healthy and regular eating when you have just had your baby – espeically whilst breastfeeding- cannot be over-stressed. Every time you sit down to feed try to have a snack and a bottle of water with you. Although your milk supply is adjusts to your baby’s needs, eating well, drinking and getting rest contribute hugely to you having a good supply of the white stuff.

Use the link below to get your first box free happy grazing!!


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