Travelling with your Teeny Weeny

9 Aug

FOR a lot of people the prospect of holidaying abroad with wee ones is daunting, but our philosophy was to get a holiday under our belts early to take advantage of their not-so-mobile state. We headed off to Corfu when the boys were four-months old and found the sunshine did (almost) as much good for us as a night of unbroken sleep. Of course it’s going to be different, and you’ll be out of your comfort zone, but – if you’re a clever packer – at least you’ll be armed and ready. Here is our list of top take-aways:



If you’re bottle feeding take throw-aways and save yourself the stress of having to sterilise. Vital Baby® Nurture™ disposable baby bottles come in two different flows; are easy to use and small enough to pack without a problem. Remember to take extra bottles for when you want to give them water, and for when you don’t have access to boiled water, stock up on cartons of formula milk. Tommee Tippee Disposable Bibs are also the answer for fuss-free mealtimes.




For a suitcase-friendly alternative to the traditional travel cot, try the Samsonite Pop-up Travel Bubble Cot. It looks stylish, folds up super small, and with its inbuilt mosquito cover and zip-up door, is practical too. The mattress is thin (but not as thin as most) so take a blanket or towel to put under the mattress.

* Top tips: To ensure your little one makes a smooth transition from home to hotel, also take a sheet and sleeping bag (check the tog rating before you go – 1tog is ideal for summer sleeping) from home that has been slept in once so their new surroundings feel and smell familiar. Oh, and jettison that extra bikini in favour of any musical toys/ comforters they might need.

For home and away, a SnoozeShadeBuggy Blackout Blind not only locks sunlight out but keeps the bugs at bay. In short it’s the solution to daytime napping al fresco.

Travel black out blinds are the secret to avoiding that 5am holiday wake-up call. We use the Gro-Anywhere Blackout Blind – it’s very large so can be used for various different balcony doors or windows.




Use a suncream specially formulated for babies and aim high – SPF 50 or more. Oh and, to be on the safe side, test it on baby before you go. Apparently Holly Willoughby rates the Sudocrem Sun Mousse,[ which as anyone who’s tried to smear on the traditional creams will know, sounds ideal. Once we’ve tested it we’ll let you know…

Take at least two SPF suits as well as a couple of sun hats – one is bound to get wet so you will be alternating them. ACM had this one with the neck flap and peak which came in very useful, but also had a bucket hat with an under-chin strap which staying put despite his efforts to remove it. Don’t forget the swimming pool and sea are likely to be colder than any heated pools at home, so a baby wetsuit is a good call.




Put together a small first aid kit comprising of: Calpol sachets (much easier than a bottle); teething powders; After Bite; nail scissors; Arnica cream; Metanium and some Kalvol capsules.

By Carla does a Eucalyss Insect Repellent Blanket which, once draped over their buggy or cot will see off insects at 50 paces. Jo Jo Maman Bebe’s Insect Repellent Superbands are great as they can go round ankle so no chance of yucky chemicals getting near bubbles mouths

HTC returned from his holiday adventure without one bite – unlike his parents!



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  1. sue brown August 9, 2012 at 6:53 am #

    awesome read i loved it

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