The Trials of Teething

3 Aug

Aaaaaggghhhh! HTC’s gums are so swollen and sore, everything and anything that gets near his mouth gets attacked. I wish I could take the pain away from him…but I can’t, and worse still, I know it could still be a few weeks before the tooth makes an appearance!

At the moment HTC can’t live without:

  1. Ashton And Parsons Infants Teething Powders.These miracle sachets of herbal powder were very hard to find for a while as the company had been bought over. One shop assistant told us of near-scrums when they would appear, but, fear not, thankfully they are reappearing in most Boots stores now…
  2. Flower coaster by kg designs Yes, really, as in the things you put your cups on,but the shape is perfect for their little mouths. Available online from or in spektacular (0131 629 0941 ) in Morningside, Edinburgh
  3. And of course Sophie the Giraffe’s back leg!

What do you recommend?


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